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Lace Warriors

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Battle Cry

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Ministering to over 200 adult entertainers in two countries

Lace Warriors takes the message of Christ’s love to women and men in the legal sex industries. We started in 2015 with our

first outreach to 20 women in one San Angelo, Texas strip

club. Today we reach about 200 entertainers and staff

each month in the West Texas cities of Odessa, San Angelo,

and Abilene, and in Acuña, Coahuila, Mexico, with a planned

expansion into Monclova. Our non-judgmental outreaches

are an opportunity to give each entertainer a gift along

with the message that they are loved and valued, and

that we are here to support them. We also

provide prayer and a listening ear when asked.

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Lace Warriors

Want to start a strip club ministry in your city?

Jesus had a special place in his heart for women in difficult situations. He spent time investing in them, listening to their hearts, demonstrating his love, and encouraging them. He asks you and I do the same.

Strip Church Network is the best place to start developing your ministry team to reach women working in the sex industry. You will find encouragement, experience, prayer, resources, training, and be empowered for ministry.

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Strip Church


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The Light Switch is a blog written specifically for individuals in the sex industry, although anyone is welcome to subscribe.

Written by Karen Reséndiz for Strip Church Network, she is also an outreach volunteer for Lace Warriors, as well as a published author, and founder of her own global ministries.

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We are commanded to go into all the world.

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